Akira Onuki
 He received Ph.D. Degrees from the University of Tokyo in 1976 under the supervision of Prof. Ryogo Kubo. After one year as JSPS fellow, he was Assistant Professor at Physics Department of Kyusyu University (1977-1983) and worked with Prof. Kyozi Kawasaki. He then moved to Kyoto University as Associate Professor at Yukawa Institute (1983-1991) and as Professor at Physics Department (1991-). He has studied mainly phase transition dynamics and soft matter physics. He produced first theoretical papers on shear flow effects in near-critical fluids, adiabatic effects in compressible fluids, elastic effects in phase separation in metallurgy, heat flow effects near the superfluid transition, viscoelastic effects in polymers, and collective effects in glass dynamics. He published a book, "Phase Transition Dyanamics", from Cambridge University Press (2002). In these years he has written a number of papers on selective solvation effects, hydrodynamics with evaporation and condensation using the dynamic van der Waals theory, dynamics of plasticity in solids, and orientation-strain glass with impurities. He recieved Nishinomiya Yukawa prize in 1989. He will retire from Kyoto University at the end of March 2012.