The Core-to-core 2nd colloquium

Title:Reconstruction of active blebbing motion from amoeba extract
Speaker: Masatoshi Ichikawa
(Department of Physics, Kyoto University)
Date: June 27th, 2013 (Thu) pm 16:30~
Place: Kyoto Univ. Science Bldg. V, Rm. 413
Amoeboid locomotion is one of the typical modes of biological cell migration. We developed a model system in which an actomyosin fraction moves like an amoeba through blebbing motion. Actomyosin cortex of this amoeba model contracts to make a thrust pressure for the blebbing. We will discuss of this motion based on the experimental observations and measurements.
Ref. Y. Nishigami, et al., PLOS ONE (in press).
※This talk will be given in Japanese.

The Core-to-core 1st colloquium

Title:OxDNA: a coarse-grained model for simulations of DNA
Speaker: Dr. Flavio Romano
(Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford, UK)
Date: April 22, 2013 pm 13:30~
Place: Kyoto Univ. Science Bldg. V, Rm. 413
In this talk I will discuss a coarse-grained DNA model which has been developed in my group at Oxford. The model is parametrized to reproduce the thermodynamics of single- and double-stranded DNA in solution with a high salt content, where it is most useful for nanotechnology.
The performances of the model will be discussed, as well as applications to prediction of binding rated, hybridization kinetics, assembly of large structures such as DNA origami and DNA systems with topological frustration.